Fat letters sent to students

/Fat letters sent to students

Coverage of “fat letters” being sent to students in the news. This is the issue that prompted the making of the documentary, “The Student Body”

12 02, 2016

Federal overreach by doing BMI testing of preschoolers


Outnumbered Overtime had a discussion about BMI testing of preschoolers. One host claims that weighing and measuring kids in school is one more addition to “the psychological damage that happens in middle school.” They call this “overreach of the Federal Government into citizens lives,” and attribute the over-emphasis on height and weight as a cause of eating disorders.

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12 02, 2016

Upsetting “Fat Letters” can lead to bullying and privacy concerns


KERO Bakersfield California reports about a Sacramento school district sending home “Fat Letters” to parents of “overweight kids”

Victor Lopez struggles with his weight, but thinks doctors, not schools, should address these issues. They interview Wykela Smith, a high school senior who says a letter that upsets people won’t make them want to lose weight. Sonja Jones, a mother says the schools aren’t nutritionists or doctors. The reporters mention that Massachusetts decided to stop sending the letters due to issues with bullying and privacy.

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12 02, 2016

Fat letters sent home in Flagstaff Arizona


KNXV-TV 15 in Phoenix Arizona reported about the Flagstaff Unifed School District sending “fat letters” home to parents. They quoted the head nurse, Marilyn Grudniewski, who called it an “emotional issue” when someone else tells you you are overweight and should see a doctor.”
Parents suggest that the schools are partly to blame, for serving fattening foods and having vending machines on campus, while cutting back on gym and recess.

Unbelievably, they expect to send out letters to half the elementary age students.

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